TAS Review and TDLR Number


Projects with a TDLR number are required to be reviewed by a RAS and Inspected for compliance after construction is completed.  The Architectural Barriers (AB) program is a division of TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation).  The AB program ensures that newly constructed or altered buildings and facilities are accessible to people with mobility, vision, or hearing disabilities. The program provides administrative oversight for plan reviews and inspections, and offers education and training opportunities.  

A TDLR number is assigned thru the required online project registration for construction projects in TX that are above $50,000.  

How to obtain your
TDLR Number

Step 1:  Here is the registration process.

*** Here is a link to a form to fill out by hand that will allow you to gather the information prior to going online. Have your credit card ready. The registration fee is $175 by credit card.   click on this – 1_2019 Online Registration by hand AB005 RAS 408

This is the link to online registration.


REGISTER yourself as a new user using your email address. SAVE your login information for future use – you will only get one log in per email address.

Once you are in TABS Dashboard go to the Projects tab and Pull the Menu down to select Register a project. You should see your name on the screen and it may look like something like this.


TDLR Number in Sachse, TX


The website will ask for the project cost. This is defined by the state: Estimated Construction CostIncludes all costs for construction of a project except site acquisition, architectural, engineering and consulting fees, furniture, and equipment unless the equipment is part of the mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems.



The website will ask for the name and number of the Registered Accessibility Specialist – put in: John Villarreal RAS #408 put in 408



USE the County Appraisal District owner information to complete the TDLR registration. The owner of the property is typically NOT the Landlord. Please contact the Landlord for the Property owner’s information and also the corresponding County Appraisal District account record.

Next input the following information about your project. Continue until you have completed the registration information, proofed and paid for the Registration. The state does not allow you to save a progression of information so be prepared to finish the registration process once you start.


Once you complete the registration make a PDF of the TDLR Confirmation page which in 2023 is called the TDLR “Architectural Barriers Project Details Page”. Email this page to us along with your plans. The completed registration PDF will look like this with the TX Seal at the top of the page. THIS PAGE IS WHAT IS REQUIRED BY YOUR PERMIT DEPARTMENT.


TDLR Confirmation Page in Sachse, TX


Step 2 = the Review of Plans

Send a complete permit set of PDF drawings to

double click email link: accessplanreview@aol.com

copy & paste our email address: accessplanreview@aol.com

Please call us at:  (972) 429-9096

TDLR information for the Design professional:

We assist many out of state architects by guiding them through the requirements and process to obtain a TDLR number in Sachse, TX. If you are a Texas licensed architect, there is a proof of submission form you will need to fill out when you submit the plans. Please give our office a call at 972-429-9096.

An architect, interior designer, landscape architect, or engineer with overall responsibility for the design of a building or facility subject to §469.101 of the Act, shall mail, ship, or hand-deliver the construction documents along with a Proof of Submission form to the department, a registered accessibility specialist, or a contract provider not later than the 20th day after the plans and specifications are issued.”

Issue – To mail, deliver, transmit, or otherwise release plans or specifications to an owner, lessee, contractor, subcontractor, or any other person acting for an owner or lessee for the purpose of construction, applying for a building permit, or obtaining regulatory approval after such plans have been sealed by an architect, interior designer, landscape architect, or engineer. In the case of a state-funded or other public works project, it is the time at which plans or specifications are publicly posted for bids, after such plans or specifications have been sealed by an architect, interior designer, landscape architect, or engineer.

Link to the Proof of Submission form for Architects and Engineers


How to schedule a TAS Inspection –

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double click link: accessplanreview@aol.com
copy & paste our email address: accessplanreview@aol.com


This page is intended to help you go to TDLR’s website and Register a Project in order to obtain a Plan Review and Inspection for TAS compliance.