ADA Survey Acquisition

ACCESSplanreview can provide you with an ADA site survey of property prior to purchase. An accessment can identify non compliance of ADA accessible routes, restrooms, public spaces and additional areas required to be accessible to the public.

Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities are required to comply with removal of existing architectural barriers. There is a common misconception that old buildings and businesses are “grandfathered,” but the ADA does not have this in the law. Safe Harbor is granted to elements compliant with the 1991 ADA standards that have not been altered. IF an element was compliant with the 1991 ADA standards, it can remain that way until it undergoes an alteration.

An excellent PDF checklist is provided at this weblink location. The checklist survey is very extensive.

ACCESSplanreview can provide a full ADA property assessment that will contain this information and identify violations for you.

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